Burger 106 Day 100: La Magie, Bacon Cheeseburger

To catch the eye of the visiting traveler the downtown bakeries specialize in sweetness. Powdered sugar on cookies and cakes all sized as snacks but purchased by the bag full. La Magie itself sits like the overly frosted birthday cake of a 14 year old girl, all pastels and printed swirls and sparkle. 

I had simply assumed they didn’t have burgers beneath the confection. But when I’d stopped in to see if they offered a brioche bun as I was gathering prospects for The Burger 100 I was surprised to see they offered half a page of burger choices. As if they’re proud of their burger skills and creativity. 

They didn’t sell their brioche buns to the public  claiming they bake them as a loaf. This statement confused me but I didn’t seek clarification. I left empty handed except for adding yet another burger place to the inventory. But now I’m back, sitting on the patio for a late lunch, feeling a little judged as I sit beneath the painted window and cartoon lettering and general quilt-shop ambiance of the place. The burger took a while and had all the hallmarks of a short order cook who doesn’t see many burger orders come through: overcooked patty, cheese not completely melted, bacon fried to dryness, and all assembled long since cooled. Likewise the bun was off kilter, a touch stale and overly sweet.

They did put lettuce on the bottom, though. Somebody, at some time, had known how to build a burger. But over time that knowledge and skill faded to the pastry shop burger here today. 

Score: 2.5 of 5
Price: $11.35
Beer: Boneyard RPM

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