Afforded Liability


Bulletproof Glass Rifle vs Various Household Objects
A 270 WSM against a variety of soft targets, shot from the comfort of Matt's pool deck.

Bulletproof Glass Field Testing Bulletproof Glass
Duct tape, scrap wood, 9mm's and a panel of 5-ply bulletproof glass.

Sawed Off Shotgun The Sawed Off Shotgun
An old 12 gauge single-shot named The Pardner gets a few inches taken off the barrel. In return, it takes off a few inches of skin (hence the duct-taped hand).

Parmesan Cheese Parmesan Cheese + Guns
Is a 15 pound wheel of parmesan cheese an effective protective barrier?

Whipped Cream Can of Whipped Cream
Instant and fullspread immitation-dairy delivery.


SynerCorp Industries

Engineering Labs

Pi Delta Taco
Pi Delta Taco

Afforded Liability
Afforded Liability

Texas Scorpion Fight eHamOnRye

Texas Scorpion Fight Texas
Scorpion Fight!

Kill My Ride
Kill My Ride