Parasail Test Run v.2
Our fateful second test run of the Jeep parasail system.

Full Video
A Fire, Aerosol Cans, BB Guns & the Fire Department
A study in the affects of air powered ballistics on high energy incendiary devices.


Water Test Run
Homemade Margarita Machine
A 3/4 HP garbage disposal, mini-fridge, class 2 LED's, and 3 gallons of high-proof margarita.

Full Batch Run

Tchaikosvsky Pumpkin Fest
The various means and methods to pumpkin destruction. A true classic.


SynerCorp Industries

Engineering Labs

Pi Delta Taco
Pi Delta Taco

Afforded Liability
Afforded Liability

Texas Scorpion Fight eHamOnRye

Texas Scorpion Fight Texas
Scorpion Fight!

Kill My Ride
Kill My Ride