Burger 108 Day 102: Brother Jon’s Downtown, The Big Machell

I just figured it out. “What the hell is a The Big Machell?” I’d wondered ever since ordering it. Double patty. Special sauce. Sesame seed bun. Owner’s name is John Machell. Ooooohhhh. It’s their spin on The Big Mac. 

Ain’t that cute.

This is the closest I’ve come to a repeat in my months of burgers. I’d had a burger at Brother Jon’s on Galveston (106 burgers ago, but who’s counting). Now I’m at the downtown location. But as far as repeats go, I’m glad this is one of them. Bro Jo’s makes a good burger. 

The menus and atmosphere of each location are different enough to warrant a visit to each. Downtown feels more like an actual pub, a bit more communal and warm and neighborly. The Galveston location is great for showing up still wearing a bib number from a race or ski pants from the slopes. It’s simply a different tone.

The burgers downtown all focus around double 1/4 pound patties. I’m a huge fan of this approach if you can pull it off. A 1/2 pound is big no matter what, but attempting a single patty can become a bit too… beefy. Double patty allows for more surface area to soak up the char and grilling awesomeness, but it’s the skilled cook who can keep each patty medium and not overly dobe. Brother Jon’s hires those cooks.

And ask for the bomb sauce for the fries. It’s just fry sauce with liquid smoke added, but a fun diversion from full on ketchup.

Score: 4.25 of 5
Price: $12.50 with fries
Beer: Double Mountain Vaporizer Ale

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