Burger 107 Day 101: Timbers Bar & Grill, Burger & Brew Special

Another day, another lodge themed sports bar, another part of town. Supposedly of the same seed as Cascade West and Mountains Edge, Timbers represents the more casual bar experience when you’re deep east. When the crowds of Worthy and the silver hair of Phoenix don’t fit the mood: Timbers it is.

I’d been warned of their food quality, apparently the scariest of the triad. But it was Wednesday, Burger & Brew night, and here we were. Timber’s Facebook page declares it one of the best in town. Timber’s Yelp page declares it many, many other things than “Best.”

And ultimately, I’ve had worst. Certainly. But this was the first where I looked at the beef, studying the dry grainy texture, attempting to forensically reconstruct its past, and actually hoped that it had been fully cooked and frozen and stuffed in a plastic resealable bag with its brethren at some point before this point. For it to be here, now, in this condition, and to have been raw recently, to have been handled and formed and cooked and somehow become… this… That gave me fear. 

But maybe that’s why it’s basically free when your order a beer and fries. It’s not Burger & Brew night, no, think of this as Free Burger with Beer and Apps night. You’ll sleep better.

Score: 2 of 5
Price: $8 with fries and beer
Beer: Rainier

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