Burger 103 Day 96: Blackened Dragon, Dragon Burger

Earlier in the week I’d noticed the Blackened Dragon food trailer in the parking lot next to Atlas Cider. I wandered over to see if they had burgers and the owner excitedly told me about their Friday-only burger special, the Dragon Burger, a barley beef burger he was very proud of.

Now it’s Friday and I’d been sitting outside waiting for the trailer to open. It was supposed to open three hours ago. The trailer next door says he should definitely open at some point. The Blackened Dragon Facebook page was already bragging about the burger. Ben and I muched on free popcorn debating how long to wait.

Then I saw the owner wandering about the parking lot. I moved to intercept. He seemed to feel I was focused on him and changed his path to put several rows of parked cars between us. Like a Pacman ghost I anticipated his new route and altered my course. I confronted him and made my burger plea.

Through puffy red eyes he promised to be open in 10 minutes. He explained that he’d partied pretty hard last night and had been slow to get things open today. I hold no judgement, but am certainly impressed of any night out that can make it difficult to get to work by 6:00pm. Well done.

The burgers were delivered as promised and were really damn good. The patty had a blackened seasoning, maybe a hint of Old Bay in there. Above the patty, freshly made coleslaw. Below it the aioli and caramelized onions. A toasted brioche bun holding it together. It came together perfectly.

If you can find Blackened Dragon, and it’s a Friday, and they’re open, get the burger. It’s worth the effort.

Score: 3.74of 5
Price: $10 with fries
Beer: Poor Man’s Black Velvet

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