Burger 102 Day 95: Joolz, Organic Elk Kafta Burger

Joolz is such an ethnically focused restaurant that I never thought to check it for burgers. But their menu actually lists three burger options of three separate mammals: beef, elk, and lamb. I, as always, underestimated the breadth of burger.

Walking into Joolz feel like walking into the poorly lit guest bathroom of my late grandmother’s house. But, you know, in the good ways. That warm moist air. The aroma of a half forgotten bowl of potpourri. The last few incandescent bulbs left in America. The decorations that started with strong intent but quickly waned when the local Pier One Imports shut down. Plus lots of old people.

I debated between lamb or elk, ultimately falling for the peppers and spice promoted on the elk burger. All burgers are served on Sparrow Bakery brioche buns, my chosen champion of local burger buns, so I was excited. I was also excited about the default option of sweet potato fries and the curry ketchup.

The fries ended up being a mix of standard and sweet potato. Like they had run low on the good stuff and had to dilute them down. Everything about the burger was great except the patty, which was a bit dry and had a certain soapy taste. Like too much coriander. Fortunately I was distracted by the endless supply of very exotic and flavorful drinks that can be ordered off the multiple cocktail menus. Very distracted. My head still aches.

Score: 3 of 5
Price: $16 with fries
Some of the drink ingredients: basil, sage, fresno peppers, ginger, and mango


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