Burger 96 Day 89: The Pickled Pig, Bacon cheeseburger

Tucked atop the Bend Municipal Airport “terminal” sits The Pickled Pig, the latest incarnation of the airport cafe out on the far edge of town. It’s a bit of a drive to cater to a regular lunch crowd, relying mostly on pilots I’m assuming. Which is funny, because they sell beer and wine.

The balcony offers views of planes landing and taking off and refueling, with most landing on this Friday as visitors were cruising in for the weekend. Between planes the bright green training helicopters of the Central Oregon Community College putter around practicing slow low altitude maneuvers. Except for the most avid airplane enthusiast, this gets boring after about 20 minutes.

The Pickled Pig portrays itself primarily as a breakfast and BBQ joint, two distinctions notorious for poor quality burgers. And it was. The beef once frozen and now overcooked, the bun a bit weak, the bacon thin and limp. Dave had ordered a BLT which was really just an LT with two bits of paper thin B on top. I’d been wondering what Pickled Pig could refer to (pulled pork? cured bacon? literal pickled pigs feet?) and this rather disheartening bacon only made the name of the place more confusing.

The fries were great though, those giant greasy hot numbers you can’t stop eating. I ate at least three potatoes worth. Dave had the self control to stop at one.

Score: 2.75 of 5
Price: $12.95


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