Burger 95 Day 88: Deschutes Bend Pub, Elk Burger

It was a year ago to the day that I had first stumbled through Bend. Just another thrill seeking wanderer exploring the Pacific Northwest. Taking a brief detour inland to escape the rainy coasts and investigate this little central Oregon town I’d heard mentioned as “neat.” I’d planned to just spend a night. It was five days later that I finally packed up my little tiny house trailer out of a Couchsurfer host’s driveway and continued on. Seven weeks later I’d be moving everything I owned into my Bend apartment. A few weeks after that starting my job at Deschutes Brewery.

On my first full day in town I had two burgers: Bend Burger Company to start, Deschutes Pub to finish off the night. I justified this double header under the guise of calorie loading before the hike up South Sister I was planning the following day. I would have never guessed I was establishing a lifestyle that day. It just felt like goofing off. It still does.

ANYWAY, here I am. I’ve had every burger on the pub menu at least once. They do a damn good job and certainly respect the burger art. They even celebrated burger month by offering a unique burger every day. That might have even fueled this current insanity of mine.

The burgers are good. The fries are good. The beer is good. I can’t say too much without sounding like I’m sucking up to the people that sign my check. But it should suffice to say that the people that made one of the first burgers I had in this town would be the people I’d seek out to work for.

Score: 4.25 of 5
Price: $14.50 with fries
Beer: Deschutes Pacific Wonderland


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