Burger 94 Day 88: The Breakfast Club, Bacon & Cheese Burger

As new burger options dwindle the lunch hour creeps longer. Unconfirmed burger sightings must be verified, many falling short. The stories of St Charles Hospitals double patty burgers might be true, but apparently requires getting there when burgers are being served. I’m not about to swing by the hospital daily to try my luck at burger roulette. That’d just be weird.

I left the crowded parking lot of St Charles and aimed for another unknown. A small, barely marked diner with chipped exterior paint and the anticipation of a “FOR LEASE” sign in a window. The Breakfast Club. I’d heard nothing of the place, which is surprising in this small town. I’d seen they were open for lunch, assumed a burger option, and took the chance.

For having missed out on a hospital cafeteria dining experience, the Breakfast Club did its best to fill the void. Formica counters and pastel walls and an almost hyper sanitary smell, not to mention the hobbling retirement crowd filling the booths, made it feel like the cafeteria of some small town healthcare facility.

The menu had a healthy half page of burger options. But after the recent run of non-traditionals, I went for the classic bacon and cheese burger. It was classic diner fare, a mix of cheap parts put together well and balancing out to the textbook roadside burger.

Score: 2.75 of 5
Price: $8.90

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