Burger 93 Day 87: Moose Sisters, Kobe Sister's Burger

Moose Sisters is a fairly new restaurant tucked in the back alleys of the Cascade Village Shopping Center. I wouldn’t have known about it if a friend hadn’t sent me some rather ecstatic messages about the burger he’d had there.  The place is aiming for upscale with a shiny interior, sweeping views of the mountains, and a tagline of “True Cuisine and Spirit.” The slight jest of being  a place of “spirit” rather than “food and spirits” follows the overall style of the place. Purple accents, menu categories like “Moose Magic,” options like “Explosive Elk Burger,” old commercials on their website of families wearing moose antler hats. It feels like the product of a duo of strong independent female divorcees from Idaho who spent their formative years in the 80’s. Which is exactly what it is.

I tend to avoid any burger describing itself as “Explosive” and opted for the Kobe burger. At half a pound the thing is a bit of a monster, especially when piled up with onion rings. The onion rings are thin and sweet, combining with the “bacon jam” in what could almost be described as a dessert burger. A little more butter in the brioche bun and that’s exactly what it would be.

Score: 3.5 of 5
Price: $14
Beer: Boneyard RPM


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