Burger 45 Day 37: Country Catering, Teriyaki Mushroom Burger

The life of the burger explorer is not all glitz and glamour.  There are periods of struggle. Savage mediocrity. Part of rounding up every burger in town means hitting all the places you wouldn’t typically expect burgers. And for some reason, after the Barrio experience of yesterday, I decided to follow up with another atypical burger location.

Country Catering is on the southeast side of town. Most people I’ve talked to didn’t realize they actually serve food out of their prep facility. Once there, the cashier didn’t even realize they sell burgers. He was reassured from the cook in back that, yes, they do offer burgers as a special on Tuesday and Wednesdays.  

The burger was served on some manner of focaccia bread. I could let that slide. That’s close enough to a bun and not as egregious as Texas Toast. But the patty had the machined form perfect shape and hyper conformity of mass produced meat. The texture seemed steamed and soft. The teriyaki sauce had the look and feel of brown gravy with a hint of soy sauce. Limp mushrooms mingled with the Asian gravy. All together it was like eating a grade school cafeteria salisbury steak on thick bread. This was airplane food. TV dinner. A catered business luncheon. 

I’ve been told their BBQ is actually pretty solid. It’s obviously their pride, and I had a bit of remorse ordering the burger amongst all the amazing options of slow cooked meat. 

Score: 2 of 5
Price: $9.95 with side salad

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