Burger 41 day 34: Bad Wolf Bakery, Bad Wolf Burger

Bad Wolf Bakery is foremost a bakery and breakfast spot. If you’ve been, it was likely to grab a bloody mary and one of their spins on classic breakfast items like the Rustic Eggs Benedict. But hidden on their menu is a burger. And a good one.

The bun is buttery and flakey, giving a gentle nod of respect to a croissant. A sweet tomato jam is the predominant spread perched on the top bun. This balances perfectly with a the cilantro and lettuce salad hidden beneath the patty (I’m really starting to think the identifier of a true burger professional is lettuce-on-the-bottom. I’m sure debates will rage).  Home fries round out the breakfast motif.

This might be the closest Bend gets to a breakfast burger that doesn’t diverge too far from conventional burger standards (I see you glaring at me, Pilot Butte Drive-In. You’ll get your shot).

Score: 4.25 of 5
Price: $13.95 with avocado and home fries
Bloody Mary Vodka Flavor: Serrano (The habanero is good but a bit of a fight. The basil is a strong contender for best. Obviously you’ll have to try them all).

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