Burger 10 Day 08: JC’s Bar and Grill, Black and Blue Burger

I ended up at JC’s Bar and Grill, as instructed by a bit of technology I launched today. Thanks to Reddit and the Suggest a Burger form, the Burger Inventory is well stocked. Too stocked. I was having decision fatigue, drowning under the months of choices I’ll have to make, one day at a time. So the Burger Inventory now randomly chooses a burger for me each day. And today it declared JC’s. Fear of choice averted.  

I’d been to JC’s on my first visit to Bend last September, that little road trip that taught me you can’t spell “bender” without Bend. And now I’m back with a purpose that doesn’t focus around Tic Tac shots, adult jenga, and shuffleboard. Thanks, slightly shifted maturity. 

JC’s claims the “Best Burger in Bend” and no doubt I’ll visit a few self proclaimed champions over the next few months. And this one was good. Like 3 of 5. All parts came together well, though none overwhelmed. It’s a solid choice, it won’t fail you, quite reliable and worth repeating. If I somehow found myself here late one night, a touch of double vision and lack of context, I’d happily and genuinely declare “Oh! They’ve got good burgers here!” (Personal anecdote: a friend of mine got arrested for making that exact statement once. Long story).

But here’s where my burger quest begins to touch on something, the heart of this Burger Ethos, the social fabric of things burger. This was the first place I told the staff I was on the 100 burger challenge. I felt I needed to, as an excuse to get that picture of me and my food. And oh, their excitement. Not at the challenge, not at what it might mean for me, but the pride that their burger was part of something. This was a burger not to be scarfed and forgotten. They are proud of their burgers, and they shared that glint of happy knowledge that this particular one will be part of something a touch more permanent, however silly.

The cook overheard the brief exchange and came over. “The Black and Blue is my favorite to make. It’s the blue cheese. It acts different than most cheeses.”

Bonus 0.5 points for heart, JC’s. Stay true to the burger spirit.

Score: 3.5 of 5
Price: $10 with fries
Beer: Firestone Union Jack

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