Burger 09 Day 07: Baldy’s BBQ, Burger topped with pulled pork


It had been a day of health. I climbed the summit of South Sister in an arduous 8.5 hour hike. I wore space pants at the fitness recovery lounge. And I was going to finish the evening with a veggie burger.

But on the way to said veggie burger, I started to have doubts. Would it really count? It’s a burger only by name, and it’s name is more appropriately “plant loaf sandwich served on bun.” What can I compare it to? Am I even qualified to evaluate one?

Fortunately, amidst this angst, I passed Baldy’s BBQ. I’d heard they offer pulled pork as a burger topping. This didn’t pose the same ethical dilemma and the calm of mind was well worth the illegal U-turn.

And indeed, pulled pork is a $1 add-on in the same category as bacon, avocado, chili, etc. Baldy’s does not attempt at a list of cute-named pre-built burgers. It’s a utilitarian system of check boxes beneath the heading of BURGER. The options are concise and critical. They offer fresh jalapenos as a free topping! And grilled onions! I’d been trying to get jalapenos added to burgers up here, settling even for the pickled type, to very little success. And this place makes a double play in the world of burgerdom. Keep it classy, Baldy’s.

Plus, Caesar salad is a side option, which is second to fries as my preferred burger accompaniment.

(Note: the “patty” check boxes offer a veggie burger. In a future event of burger angst, I’m ordering a bacon chili veggie burger. Because America).

Oh, and the burger was badass. Well layered, juicy, with a hint of smoke. I shall return.

Score: 4.5 of 5
Price: $10 with pulled pork and Caesar salad
Beer: None (healthy day, remember?)
Word of the day: Glissade, verb. To slide down a steep slope of snow or ice with the support of an ice ax


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