Burger 08 Day 06, Sunriver Brewing Co, Bacon Brew Burger


Summertime in Bend. Tourist season in a town without locals. The usual winter small talk shifting from “where’d you move here from?” to “where’d you fly in from?” Outdoor concerts,  bikinis in snow-melt rivers, block parties at every block. Heavy foot traffic to all pubs within reach.

Sunriver Brewing Company’s Bend location is as recent a transplant to the area as I am. This is their first summer in town. They make good beer, shipped up from Sunriver proper down south. Their burger is a well rounded “pub burger” similar to those at the more established brew pubs. Great bacon, tender telera roll, 1/3 pound of thin yet medium-cooked local beef. The fries crisp if not a touch oily. Good stuff.

Good god, though. Cheap burgers are $9 in this town. $13 the norm. Madness. I look forward to the fringe. To discovering those Top 5 Under $5, somewhere out there in the borderlands.

Score: 4 of 5
Price: $13 with fries
Beer: Sunriver Brewing Co Cool Water Cream Ale

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