Burger 07 Day 05: Sno Cap, Jalapeno Jack Burger


It’s late Friday afternoon in central Oregon. You’ve had your burger, a modest selection of beers (craft and otherwise), but the sun is high, the wind cool, with many hours of daylight left. That’s all the setup needed to find yourself on a dusty vertical trail, eyes stinging from the salty sweat as you strain straight up Black Butte, the beer long since burned off, a new burger bouncing soundly alongside in its soft little cooler.


I’d been directed to Sno Cap in Sisters by several folk already. Another staple drive-in full of nostalgia to those who’ve been in the area a decade or more. And for the second thin-patty of the day, and high quality at that, I was forced to consider the benefits of the “session” burger, the light but tasty grease bomb that doesn’t cripple. Gourmet burgers, with their fist sized balls of low fat, high density meat in a sea of unpronounceable sauces, are always on the Top Ten Burger lists. But it’s these little packages of classic roadside happiness that you can chomp down and not slow down, still jump about and have those adventures that the burger enhanced, not hindered.

And maybe it’s as simple as that, a burger is either a Night Ender or a Session Burger. Both have their place, but it’s those Session’s that people most fondly recall, associated with sunny days, cheap beers, and good times.

Score: 3.5 of 5
Price: $8.95 with fries
Burger Hike: Black Butte (which the attentive might notice is also the name of a popular beer in these parts)

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