Veggie grilled cheese at Royal Blue Grocery


With the right nose you can sit and let adventure come to you, sitting there complacent in the winds and sniffing for just the right opportunity. Seek, find, leap and hold on; you’re out there.

Other times the winds don’t blow and you only sit there. Bored. So then go out and try to intercept a little variety, head on. Beat the brush and scurry up some fresh game. Take a one way trip downtown with no obvious way home, wander and drift and flow in the city twilight. Pour whiskey in your coffee and sift among┬áthe tourists, the locals who might as well be, the bums, scoundrels and incoherent fellow vagrants, the young acting old and the old acting young. Marvel at how little you fit in and yet how well you do.

And order a vegetarian sandwich, pay too much for it, sit at the sidewalk cafe and eat it.  Because eventually, after too much time on the sandwich fringe, the mundane can become novel again.

Rinse. Repeat.

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