McKFC: The Double Up

So KFC shocks the world with their Double Down, a chicken sandwich without bread. That is, the chicken is the bread, they have bypassed bun convention to simply slap some fillings between fillings. The sandwich community was in uproar that eHOR didn’t have full coverage of the release. This is a revolution in sandwich, it must be! Well, here’s my review: KFC is a bucket of pansies.

Listen KFC, your ghetto-cordon-bleu looked familiar. Oh, that’s right, it’s just an extra-patty chicken-sandwich like I used to order at Wendy’s back in grade school. Except without bread. You think that’s edgy? “Too much meat for a bun” is hardcore? Here’s hardcore: I take your $5 breadless sandwich and shove it inside a sandwich. And because we’re playing dirty, that sandwich will be a true classic of gutter craptasticness: the Big Mac.

Presenting the Double Up, alternatively called the Double Over. Here’s 1200 calories and 3000 mg of sodium, with enough secret sauce to lube it all the way down the food hole. No less (and likely more) than three different animals died for this sandwich. And, by a complete surprise to even myself, it tasted pretty damn fantastic, an incredible pairing of highly processed food products.

Stay tuned next week when I try out the Veinteiuno, where I skilfully insert a Double Down into a 7-Layer Burrito.

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