The Teaser for the Upcoming Broke Student's Sandwich

Being that I’m the typical poor college student, these are the only 2 items in my fridge at the moment. There is actually one Lone Star Beer and 2 packets of ketchup from Whataburger but they didn’t make the photo.  Since funds are tight right now, I haven’t been able to buy the other items that are necessary for a sandwich (bread, meat, cheese…).  Best Maid pickles and Hellmann’s REAL Mayo are 2 vital ingredients for the Broke Student’s Sandwich.  Let’s start with the pickles, who’s motto is “The Taste That Makes You Smile.” Cute, right?  To hell with Vlasic, Best Maid gives you more sodium than your heart can handle..and its amazing.  Moving onto mayo – the ONLY way to go is with the REAL stuff.  Nevermind the ultimate fattiness of mayo, it is necessary for a successful sandwich.  That’s all for now.  Forgive me for the tease –  I will go to H.E.B. soon enough. Xo, Dj*

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