FoodHeads: Roasted Leg of Lamb

In an effort to cleanse myself of the long night of taco smut, I headed to FoodHeads, the original mecca of sandwich innocence. “Gourmet” might be a word applied to a place with no less than 4 varieties of homemade mayo, and a cafe claiming such seriousness in sandwich could typically be avoided in a town of constant half-assed novelty (you hear me Lucky J’s?), but FoodHeads predates the latest wave of Californians and has an honest devotion to sandwich purity. Maintaining the sanctity of bread-and-filling union, this is the place for those looking for more than the one night taco stands.

And true to form, I am quickly served up a sandwich of roasted leg of lamb between grilled ciabata, stacked with grilled eggplant, feta cheese, cucumber mayo, lettuce and tomato, all arranged with devoted accuracy.

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