Lord Cotswold's Sandwich

I had planned to spend the late afternoon having a picnic at the Conservancy in Central Park with my aunt. And by aunt I mean my mom’s best friend from childhood and coincidentally my sister’s godmother. For simplicity’s sake, I shall refer to her from here on out as Mrs. Peacock.

After picking up an organic multi-grain baguette, a brick of Cotswold cheese, and a cheap screw-top bottle of wine from the Whole Foods on 99th and Columbus Avenue, we headed for the park. But as Mrs. Peacock and I arrived at the Conservancy with the baguette we were informed that it would be closing in 10 minutes. I snapped a few photos of the blooming Magnolia trees before we settled on a rock overlooking the Harlem Meer.

When I returned home later that evening, famished from the day’s reporting and the bottle of wine, I dug into my backpack looking for the day’s leftovers. I added a slice of Boar’s Head from the fridge and rounded it out with some Kettle jalapeño chips.

The best part of the sandwich is definitely the Cotswold, made of cow’s milk, onions and chives, it gives the sandwich a distinct tangy taste.

Photo by Matthew Huisman

photo by Matthew Huisman

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