Nathan's Famous Coney Island

After having one story I was reporting on fall through I hitched a ride with a couple of ladies to Coney Island in the back of a red Volkswagon Beetle. On their way to interview a gun-toting, fur-wearing, jaguar-driving mortician they dropped me off at Nathan’s Famous, home of the Original Frankfurter.

Since this was my first time I ordered the Original, unbeknown to me that it was simply a plain dog on a bun. And for $3.45? What the hell. I must admit the hot dog was delicious. Had it been a sunny day I would have enjoyed my tube steak on the wood boardwalk with the screams from the Coney Island Cyclone in the background.

As I devoured my dog I received a call from my day editor who had informed me that a building collapsed in Williamsburg. I called my colleagues and we sped off to report the story. Read it here….

Nathan's Famous Coney Island Dog

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