Matt's Grilled Cheese

From Matt, our New York correspondent, a 3 am submission:

Brilliant, absolutely fucking brilliant.

I humbly submit my recipe for grilled cheese. Two slices of muenster, three slices of Boar’s Head Cajun Turkey on two pieces of soft white bread loaded with gobs of butter and fried to perfection.

That last photo is big enough for a desktop wallpaper.  We’re gonna need a sandwich centerfold category.

2 comments to Matt’s Grilled Cheese

  • Huisman

    For an interesting twist, cook an egg over easy and put half sandwich on top after flipping. When reverse side is cooked, flip and put the other half of sandwich together. Be careful not to pop the yolk until you are ready to eat the sandwich. You end up with egg yolk covering every tasty bite.

  • That sandwich glares at me everyday from my desktop wallpaper, it’s crunchy curves and delicate cheese strings both inviting and resisting my returned glances, a buttery unspoken tension ever mounting. Adding an egg would only make me think dirty thoughts.

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